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Interview HR Questions – Basic, Important and Tricky

interview HR Questions

Interview HR questions – frequently asked and most common are discussed below. It is our attempt to help you succeed in any interview.


Here we will analyze each HR questions and try to provide you with some tips and alternate answers for each question.


Also, it is the ultimate guide to any interview and we try to update it new questions.


This blog is prepare after consulting with HR managers from leading organizations like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, L&T, E&Y, Hilton, IBM and BuildFreeResume

experienced interview panel.



We hope that you will acquire good knowledge from our experts comments.

Let’s explore the Interview HR questions:

Question 1: Tell me about yourself.

This is the most popular question in any interview.


Hint: Here the employer wants to know about you and your past experiences with work or education.

Sample interview HR questions answer by fresh graduate:

I am John Doe, a computer engineering graduated from UCLA. I have worked on various projects and most recent one is developing a software

for the XYZ industry as a part of my internship. In my free time I like to draw cartoon character and watch marvel movies. I also play football and participate in half marathons. With

my skills and project experience I see myself as the best fit for the role of  Software engineer (mention the role you applied for) with your organization.


Answer by middle level executive:

As an account, I have more than 5 years of experience with top finance companies. In my recent job, I was award as the employee of the year.

I undertook any initiatives and help the company to save over $XXX in operational cost and increase the revenue of the company by $XXX amount. I also like to travel and enjoy

adventure sports. Having said, I see myself as the best fit for the role of senior account with your company.


Answer by Senior level professional:

Over the last 12 years, I have been extensively involved in managing teams and working on project management. I have thoroughly enjoyed

working in the hospitality industry and lucky to have worked in several roles over my 20 year period. I am obsessed with building customer relationship and interaction with various

business partners. Here’s, I am with all my experience and relevant skills ready to work in the role of Director for your organization.




Question 2: Are you willing to relocate?

This is often asked my organization which has office across the country or the globe.

Hint: Here the employer wants to know whether the employee will look forward to relocate or move to new location. This depends on you and what stage of your career you are in.

Sample interview HR questions answer by fresh graduate:

Yes, I am willing to relocate to any place within US.



Answer by middle level executive:

Yes, I am willing to relocate to any place within the east coast as my family and friends are in the locality.


Answer by Senior level professional:

For me, at this stage it is important to hold on with my family. My better half is working with a company which doesn’t have offices in another location. Yes, I can make short time travel

plans but unable to relocate my family.




Question 3: Are you willing to travel?

Sample interview HR questions answer:

Yes, I love to travel.

I can travel but only within the city limits etc. or need to back by end of day etc. or show your concern etc.


Question 4: Tell me about your dream job?

Hint: This is a tricky question and you have to be smart about it. Always read the job description carefully before you face any interview or write your resume. The job description will


help you present the picture of the dream job.

Sample interview HR questions answer:

I look forward to an organization where I can contribute to the growth of the organization and the organization provides me with ample opportunities  to grow both as an individual and

elevate my career.


Question 5: Why do you want to leave your last job?

Hint: Here the interview wants to know the actual reason for leaving the job. Don’t mention anything negative about a person or last company.

Sample interview HR questions answer:

I like to work on new challenges and want to join a company with future vision. I see that your company is always innovating and looking to expand. So, I see more opportunities and

eager to serve the new challenges here.




Question 6: Why should we hire you?

Hint: The wants to check your confidence for the applied job. Show the HR that you are the right fit and you have the necessary skills, experience or education to outperform others.

Sample interview HR questions answer:

Over the last 6 years as an administrative assistant, I have always kept attention to details and worked with any number of team members. During these years I have been recognized

multiple times by my recent employer for excellent work. If hired, I will continue to do my work with my abilities and give my experience to achieve greater success of the company.


Also check interview strengths and weakness question in a interview.


These are some of the important questions asked by HR in an interview. We are continuously adding more questions to help you succeed in any interview.



Also the above questions are considered pretty tough and tricky for a candidate. So tried our best to get thru these questions.


My best wishes to you and hope you come good.


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